1. Venue and date

Lumsa had the opportunity to organize the National Seminar with the support of FERPI  that is the Italian Organization of Public Relations ad its members are mainly communication practitioners and teachers in the communication field.

The seminar was held on the 30 of October in the Aula Magna of LUMSA.


  1. Seminar structure

The seminar was organized as follow. In the first part it has been describe the EIBI Project  (goals, activities and results). The presentation was made by Prof. Laura Michelini (unfortunately Prof. Iasevoli could not participate due to a family problem).  In the second part Prof. Giosi explained how the MOOC platform could be used to develop business ideas.  Then we held a discussion panel session useful to collect improvements and feedback.

In summary the discussion puts in evidence the following aspects:

  • all participants agreed on the positive impact of the project, expecially on the target of joung people looking for a job;
  • some participants highlithgs the positive impact of the project on the integration of disvantage people;
  • some concerns were expressed on the ability of disgantages people to use the platform.


  1. Seminar participants

We had 19 people attending the session – some that had confirmed didn’t show. They were mostly practitioners work in the field of media and communication and involved as teacher by training organizations.


  1. Seminar assessment

At the end of the seminar participants were asked to complete a questionnaire. Results are summarized below.



1.1     The seminar met my expectations
1.2     The presentations were  appropriate for my level of knowledge
1.3     The time allotted for the presentation was adequate
1.4     There was ample time for questions and discussion
1.5     The facilities were satisfactory

2.1     This seminar increased my knowledge about   of entrepreneurship  education and training  and basic transversal skills for the workforce: language and digital skills;, workforce development and training
2.2     I became more aware about the importance of   the  entrepreneurship and learning opportunities for those  disadvantaged using the  MOOC;
2.3     I consider the Model and  Tools are useful  for teaching/training, assessment may improve innovation in teaching and learning ,   support the curriculum design and setting up learning  activities.
2.4     I will recommend to others to use the MOOC as innovative tool  for delivering  better quality of  the education , workforce development and training, lower costs or increasing revenues.
2.5     I exchanged of experiences and practices and networked with others,  whom I expect to hear from in the future,.


Suggestions and general comments

Participants pointed out the following issues:

  • It would be useful to add a basic business english course
  • More streamlining content for disadvantaged people
  • Diversify content according to level
  • Doing more levels of study
  • It should be promoted through third sector associations

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