1. Venue and date

The Seminar was organized at ACISO – Ourém-Fátima Business Association headquarters, as they helped during this project. Both organizations joined forces to disseminate it, because it focused on a topic they are very interested.

The invitation to local and regional target group organizations was sent with both logos, so that the participants could know that INSIGNARE and ACISO were working together. It was free of charge.

The Seminar was held on the morning of September 7th.


2. Seminar structure

ACISO’s Secretary General, Sílvia Eugénio, who had been at INSIGNARE during the face to face training, opened and closed the Seminar; INSIGNARE’s staff members José Carlos Alves and Sérgio Fernandes were the speakers, following the structure for the National Seminars foreseen by project coordinator.

ACISO provided briefcases where INSIGNARE placed copies of the project newsletters and copies of the presentations that would be shown.

We also included time for debate between the speakers and the participants, as well as networking between.


3. Seminar participants

We had 44 people attending the session – some that had confirmed didn’t show. They were mostly managers or staff members of schools, training organizations, IT companies, companies that have a strong commitment with their employee’s training and development, and some unemployed people.