Since 2008, the most severe economic crisis made in Europe over 25 million unemployed. Entrepreneurship may be a powerful driver of economic growth and job creation and an instrument to improve employability level.  Europe needs more entrepreneurs. In Europe, just over a third (37%) of workers prefer to be self-employed, whereas in the USA and China more than 50%.
The “European Incubator for Business Ideas” project aimed to enable students and adults to acquire and develop skills and competencies needed for their employability, to turn their business ideas into concrete actions.
Eight partners from  six  European countries worked together to create an innovative European Entrepreneurship Training Model  for development of skills needed for a successful entrepreneur, to initiate and strengthen a successful business,  a  Curriculum , focused on the disadvantaged groups,  and      training/learning/evaluation  tools,    for  the development of their business idea  and put it into practice.
The project created a network   for transferring good practices and business ideas, developing European cooperation, encouraging, supporting long-term entrepreneurial initiatives of the target group, through information, advice, personalized assistance and online learning opportunities and resources.