Module 3: In the market

Title of the topic: Supply chain and logistics (how to identify suppliers, typology of contracts)

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1. Supply chain
2.Supply chain modeling
3.Supply chain management
4.Supply chain resilience
5.Social responsibility in supply chains
6.Traceability in agricultural supply chains
8.Development and design
9.See also
11.External links
wiki EN Individual learning https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supply_chain
2. Servicii in gestiunea lanturilor de aprovizionare (Services in management of chains of supply)
Câteva teme de interes:
(Some interesting topics)
1. Fundamentare teoretica(Fundamental approach)
2. Tehnologii IT in gestiunea lanturilor de aprovizionare(IT technology in management of chains of supply)
3. Studii de caz(Study Case)
4. Servicii necesare pentru Imbunatatirea activitatii unuilant de aprovizionare (Services necessary for the Improvement of the supply chain)
website RO Study case http://inseed.cimr.pub.ro/documents/Cerere_rambursare_2/WP1-2%20RA_2_%20Anexa%202.pdf
Contracte comerciale (catevaexemple: contract civil, contract de audit, contract constitutiv S.R.L., contract constitutiv S.A., contract de asigurare, etc.)
(Documents – comercial contract

Some examples: Civil contract, audit contract, etc. )

Blog (forum) RO Individual learning
Interactive activities
Subdomeniu Resurse de afaceri
4. Gestão da cadeia de fornecimento – conceitos, tendências e ideias para melhoria Site Pt Individual learning http://www.logisticadescomplicada.com/gestao-da-cadeia-de-suprimentos-%E2%80%93-conceitos-tendencias-e-ideias-para-melhoria/
5. Manuais de Logística – several short handbooks related to Logistics Site Pt Individual Learning http://www.pmelink.pt/manuais
6. Política de Gestão de Fornecedores: Banco Safra – case study about the Suppliers Management Policy of a Brasilian Bank PDF file Pt Group learning case study about the Suppliers Management Policy of a Brasilian Bank
7. The New Age of Supply Chain Technology – experts discuss the cutting-edge innovations that are transforming multiple aspects of the global supply chain, affecting both planning and execution. Video En Group reflection http://www.supplychainbrain.com/content/nc/videos/2016-videos/in-the-know/the-new-age-of-supply-chain-technology/
8. The 7 pitfalls of logistics contract management – key aspects of a logistic contract PDF File En Individual learning key aspects of a logistic contract
9. Guia de logistica y competitividaden la pyme – Guide of logistics and competitiveness in SMEs PDF file ES Training Guide of logistics and competitiveness in SMEs
10. Clasificacion de las cadenas de suministro – Types of supply chains Video ES Group activity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_dATR6e6_c
11. Six steps to successful supply chain collaboration

Supply chain collaboration is a hot topic today—and no wonder: companies that collaborate effectively across the supply chain have enjoyed dramatic reductions in inventories and costs, together with improvements in speed, service levels, and customer satisfaction.

Website English Group activity http://www.supplychainquarterly.com/topics/Strategy/20120622-six-steps-to-successful-supply-chain-collaboration/
12. Theories on Ensuring Successful Supply Chain Management
A supply chain is the sequence of organization their facilities, functions and activities that are involved in producing and delivering a product or services. Also it is the strategic coordination of business function within a business organization and throughout its supply chain for the purpose of integrating supply and demand management.
Website English Group learning https://www.ukessays.com/essays/business/theories-on-ensuring-successful-supply-chain-management-business-essay.php
13. Relationships in the Supply Chain
In this article explains the term “relationships” covers a lot of ground in supply chain management. There are strategic relationships, tactical relationships, transactional relationships, internal relationships, and possibly more. There are also relationships among members of the supply chain community.
Website English Group reflection Relationships in the Supply Chain
14. Nature and Contractual Obligation

It is the policy of the law to encourage the formation of contracts between competent parties for lawful objectives. As a general rule, contracts by competent persons, equitably made, are valid and enforceable.The courts must enforce a valid contract as it is made, unless there are grounds that bar its enforcement.

Website English Individual learning http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Types+of+Contracts