Module 2: Get Started

Title of the topic: Legal forms and governance  (independents contractors, private enterprises, social enterprises)

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1. Ce  reţinem din Legea economiei  sociale, privind întreprinderile sociale?
(Whatwe must knowabout Social EconomyLow, concerning social entreprises?)
website RO Individual learning Legea economiei sociale
2. Forme juridice de organizare a afacerii
(Infiintare si functionare firme;
( Legal formsto start a business – legal issuesto create andsustain  a company; firststeps in business)
website RO Individual learning http://www.ccina.ro/servicii/asistenta-infiintare-si-functionare-firme/forme-juridice-de-organizare-a-afacerii
3. Independent contractors
(1. Independent contractor versus employee
2. Specific occupations
3. Advantages and disadvantages
4. Independent contracting in tort
5. Alternatives to independent contractors
5.1. Dependent contractor)
wiki EN Individual learning https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_contractor
4. Que Tipos De Empresas Se PodemConstituir? – legal forms of companies and its characteristics Site Pt Group reflection http://pme.pt/tipos-empresas-formas-juridicas/
5. Corporate Governance: QuestõesDecorrentesdoQuadro Legal – Best Practices on Financial Markets PDF file Pt Case study Best Practices on Financial Markets
6. Case study on companies with best corporance government PDF file PT Individual Learning Case study on companies
7. Best Corporate Governance Practice: Five Golden Rules of best corporate governance practice – key concepts in embracing good corporate governance and best practices in business. PDF file En Group reflection http://www.applied-corporate-governance.com/best-corporate-governance-practice.html
8. An Introduction to Corporate Governance Video En Individual learning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sD0WrnXw-I
9. Formasjurídicas y trámites para crearunaempresa – Legal forms and procedures to create a business Video ES Study case http://www.ceoeformacion.es/tutorial-formas-juridicas-y-tramites-para-crear-una-empresa-2/
10. Herramienta para identificar la forma juridica– Tool to identify the legal form Website ES Tool http://www.creatuempresa.org/es-ES/PasoApaso/Paginas/FormasJuridicas.aspx
11. Trámites para ​la puestaenmarcha de unaempresa – Procedures for starting up a business Website ES Training http://www.creatuempresa.org/es-ES/PasoApaso/Paginas/PuestaEnMarcha.aspx
12. A guide to legal forms for business

Defines unincorporated and incorporated businesses. Unincorporated forms include the sole trader, unincorporated association, partnership, limited partnership, and the trust. Incorporated forms include the limited company, limited liability partnership (LLP), community interest company (CIC), charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), industrial and providential society, and financial mutuals

Website English Individual learning https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/legal-forms-for-business-a-guide