The EIBI  Model is a blended learning training program in which the participants  learn through the Massive Open Online Course ( MOOC) and by  attending  face-to-face training workshops of five days of  guided practice and workon the project.

The workshops  included  classroom activities, like  presentation and explanation of concepts, procedures and principles related to the targeted content or subject,  as well as  visits in companies, meetings with people from the business  and  presentation of the examples of good practices.

During the workshops, the participants  worked in pears or on in teams to develop projects of putting in practice their business ideas. In this way, they were  motivated and encouraged to move on, from the  idea to action of  initiating  their own business.

At the end of the training, participants presented their projects, their business idea and plan, in front of colleagues and representatives of business and received  feedback.

Download the Best business projects (Best practice guide) presented.

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