As part of the Project, OPEI has developed a special Workshop with 15 Participants. The Workshop took place and the specific Workshop aimed to:

  1. Develop Participant’s in the field of Business language in order to become more familiar with what an Entrepreneur is expected to be aware of when establishing and operating a new business.
  2. To explain in detail the basic elements that must be included within a powerful Business Idea and therefore a Business Plan. The three basic elements that constitute the Business Plan are:
  3. Marketing Plan (with special attention to Market Research, Pricing Policies, Competitors’ Analysis, SWOT Analysis and the Marketing Mix)
  4. Operational Plan (with focusing on specific actions that must take place as a result of the development of the Marketing Plan)
  • Financial Plan (Attention paid to the development and the value of Cash Flow and the Audit procedures that must follow the Operational Plan)

All the above had been explained in detail in order for Participants to gain deep understanding not only of the Business Idea, but most importantly how this Idea is put on pen and paper in order to come to life. Participants had also the opportunity to improve their business idea through personalized meetings with tutors.

Furthermore, the Instructors explained Participants of the specific skills and competences that can be developed through this procedure with attention to the establishment of critical thinking that can lead to creativity, innovation, and most importantly, business competitive advantage. Additionally, more detailed attention was paid to the understanding of the electronic platform, the advantages that derive from its operation, and how this interaction can lead Participants to increase their skills in such a crucial area.

The Instructors have explained that all the above constitute crucial elements for Entrepreneurs as well as for people that just want to increase their employability at the marketplace.

The Face-to-Face Workshop with the 15 Participants was a fine procedure that allowed the Instructors to establish a closer relationship with Participants, therefore, allowing them to express their skills in a kind of more free environment. On the other hand the Face -to-Face Workshops provided the opportunity to Participants to have a more interactive approach with their Instructors which has led to greater final results and boosted their belief that the Project was indeed a useful one for them.