1. Venue and date

The Training was organized at EPO – Ourém Vocational School, one of INSIGNARE’s schools, on the 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th of June 2017.

2. Training structure

The idea was not only to deepen their knowledge and skills regarding entrepreneurship on a face to face training, but also to provide them with insights from people coming from the labor market and that could support them in case they decide to create their own company.

For that, we invited a former EPO student, Jóni Oliveira, 24 years old, who is an online entrepreneur (http://jonioliveira.com/) to comeand explain how he created his own online company and how it works. The focus was also on the problems the entrepreneurs face every day during their start.

We also asked ACISO’s – Ourém-Fátima Business Association’s Secretary General, Sílvia Eugénio, to step in on the next day and to develop a small seminar dedicated to “Doing Business in Ourém” – (www.aciso.pt).

Besides these moments, the course focused on work groups where trainees put into practice what they were learning, in order to have the ideas structured in the proper way. The final afternoon was used to present to their colleagues and to the trainers the final ideas.

INSIGNARE’s staff members José Carlos Alves and Sérgio Fernandes were the trainers.

3. Business Ideas

The ideas that were created were: a travel agency focused on Religious Tourism; a traditional liquors shop; a homemade biscuits shop; a cheese making small industry; anindustry that transforms resin into chemical products; a decorative soaps shop.