The  innovative European Entrepreneurship Training Model  aims to  develop  skills needed for a successful entrepreneur, to initiate and strengthen a successful business,  based on the blended learning methodology,  through
Massive Open Online  Course (MOOC)
 and face to face learning Workshops.The project started with a Functional analysis,  to define the actions performed by an entrepreneur when starting a business.

Download Report of the key function analysis

The partners defined the occupational standards,  which   describe the  knowledge, skills and competencies needed by  a people who are preparing for starting a business.Then, the Map of competences  for the training  was designed.Partners made the needs assessmentof  the target groups, to see which are  the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to be developed, in order to be able to  start a successful business. Based on the Map of competences and training needs, the partners established the Training Curriculum.

Download the Standards

Then ,a Map of competences for the training was designed

Download the Map of competences 

Partners made the needs assessmentof the target groups, to see which are the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to be developed, in order to be able to start a successful business.

Download The full Needs assessment Report 
The European Curriculum  is focused on people who  have to face  the main challenges of the today economic world such as unemployment, economic stability and growth, young people finding a job, seniors 50+, women,  adults  from disadvantaged area or with special needs.Download the  Curriculum in English
Business plan •  Entrepreneurship and starting a business
•  Market analysis
•  Business model, marketing and sales strategy
•  Financial projections
•  Funding your business
Business plan
•  Legal forms and governance
•  Legal issues
•  Organization and Management
•  Accounting and taxes
Getting started!
•  How to stand out your business, Sustain and Scaling up
•  Supply chain and logistics
•  Communication issues
In the market